Types of Printing and Services

Offset Printing

– The classic approach to printing
When processing print jobs using offset machines, printing plates are firstly produced and subsequently inserted into the machine to print in larger numbers. It is therefore most economical to use this method when printing larger quantity jobs, as the expenses for the printing plates are a “one off” expense, after which it is marginally more economical to print numerous copies.

Offset Machines
5-Coloured Offset Machine
Format: 52 x 72 cm.
Ideal for print jobs, such as; brochures, posters, journals, books etc.

2-Coloured Fine- and Wide-print Machine
Format: 52 x 72 cm.
Ideal for print jobs, such as; books, journals, booklets, leaflets etc. Either in black and white or black with one colour.

4-Coloured Offset Machine
Format: 36 x 52 cm.
Ideal for print jobs, such as; flyers, envelopes, stationary, business cards etc.

Digital Print

– The modern method of production.
A digital printing machine is essentially a very large and advanced printer, which produces printed products of a very high quality.
The obvious advantage of using digital print is that there is no difference between printing low or high quantity jobs. Consequently, small jobs, which would otherwise be uneconomical using traditional Offset printing, can be produced at very reasonable prices.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

Digital Machine
Kodak Nexpress
5-Coloured digital machine
Format: 32 x 46 cm.
Ideal for most print jobs, including small orders.1

Bookbinding Department

In our bookbinding Department, we produce high quality cutting, folding, stapling, gluing of printed jobs.

Online Publishing

Using our SmartViewer© you have various opportunities for presenting your print job online.
You can for example:

  • Show picture galleries
  • Publish printing-friendly articles
  • Share books or articles with your peers
  • Comment on articles
  • Make use of interactive advertising
  • Link to external pages
  • Write directly to the author/publisher

In other words, you can make your print job “(inter)active”.

See examples of our SmartViewer in action:


… is the Foundation of any print job.
Whether you need a complete layout designed from scratch or only guidance with the final adjustments, our skilled employees are readily approachable to assist with the presentation of your jobs.
We have a long experience with layout of all sorts of jobs – from stationary, books, magazines or dvd-covers to CMS-websites.
If you are unsure about the ideal format, paper type or colours to use, do not hesitate to give us a call, send us an email or drop by for an informal chat.


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It is easy with us
We give your print jobs more value and can help you with every part of the process including; layout, printing, finishing and online publishing.
In other words, we produce everything from idea to finished product under the same roof.